Experience in the arts - dance, drama, media arts, music and the visual arts - play a valuable role in the education of all students. Through participation in the arts, students can develop creative skills, learn about their own identity, and develop self-awareness, self-confidence and a sense of well-being.

The arts nourish the imagination and develop and sense of beauty, while providing unique ways for students to gain insights into the world around them. Through the study of works of art from various cultures, students deepen their appreciation and understanding of diverse perspectives and develop the ability to approach others with openness and flexibility.

Education in the arts involves students intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. The arts curriculum is based on four central points - developing creativity, communicating, understanding culture and making connections.


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Music at Aldershot offers opportunities for all students. From Concert band, and Jazz band, to Music production there is a way for students to make music. Students in Music will compose their own music, analyze several genres of music, and of course play music. New in 2023/2024 is the Music and Computers course. Music and Computers focuses on the ever growing Music Production field. Students will learn to produce, mix, write, and publish their own music. 

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts curriculum, as outlined in the Ministry of Education Arts document, builds on the skills and principles students have learned in elementary programs and refines their use of the creative process when creating and presenting two-and three-dimensional art works. Students explore various art mediums and become familiar with the elements and principles of design by using a range of media, processes, techniques, and styles. Students will use the creative and critical analysis processes and will interpret art within a personal, contemporary, cultural, and historical context while making connections between various works of art.