Safe Schools

The HDSB Safe Schools team focuses on student support, interventions and staff learning to promote a safe, healthy and inclusive classroom for all students.​ The HDSB works together to build a positive place where students can learn, grow and inspire together.​

Student safety is paramount in all we do. The HDS​B is committed to supporting equitable learning and working environments for our students and staff. As parents and educators we know that children thrive when they feel safe, respected and included in their community. We are committed to helping students become responsible and respectful members of our school community.

We promote this through a variety of ways:​

  • There is a Code of Conduct for all HDSB students, families and staff, along with the Fair Notice Letter (available on all school websites)

  • Each school has a bullying prevention strategy and students can report bullying anonymously online on all school websites

  • A Progressive Discipline approach is used to support and engage students and parents/guardians

  • All elementary schools follow the Elementary Absence Check System

  • There is Controlled Access Entry at all elementary schools

  • There are numerous resources (policies, administrative procedures, support documents and tools) to support students, families and staff in ensuring our classes are equitable, safe and supportive for all​​

For more information, visit the hdsb website - Safe Schools.