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Online Student Registration

Do you have children starting school in the fall of 2021? Families are able to register their child online through the HDSB website by visiting the Student Registration page. Please share this information with families who are new to your neighbourhood and to those families who have children starting school in the fall.

HDSB Summer Reading Program - Read Across Canada

This year, the HDSB Summer Reading program is going on a virtual road trip across Canada through lots of fun books, events & activities! This program is designed to encourage all students to continue their love of books and reading throughout the summer months. Visit the program website to learn more.

Check out the Virtual Author Visits happening this summer!


529 Garage Bike Registry

The Halton Regional Police Services (HRPS) has partnered with 529 Garage, a Community Watch Program for your bike. The launch of this partnership is aimed at reducing bike theft in the region.

The app allows the HRPS to identify located bikes that have been registered via the app and mark them as found. Bikes marked as found will appear in the app and on the Project 529 website allowing the community to view any recovered bikes. If a bike is identified on the found list, the rightful owner can contact the HRPS to come and and provide the necessary details to claim it. Essentially, the app will connect recovered bikes with their rightful owners, and reduce the number of bikes being sent for auction.

More information about the project can be found here.