Our Big 4

we focus on our ‘Big 4’

#1 - Relationships!  

Our Re-Launch into 2021 focused on RELATIONSHIPS and community building in every classroom.  This September, Staff will again focus on cultivating positive classroom environments and relationships for the new school year:

Relationships are critical for student success.  Content and relationships, are both so important, but more important is the order in which they are stressed.  We must focus on relationships when we return to our schools and Significant 72 is key to this.  We have a much better chance at being successful with our curriculum goals when we have our relationships tightly formed. Students need the relationships with each other and the adults in our schools more than ever before.  (Significant 72)

#2 - Equity & Inclusion

We need to take ACTION on all forms of hate.  Classrooms MUST be responsive and reflect ALL learners.  The Way Forward - HDSB Human Rights Equity Action & Accountability Plan.  Discriminatory & Harmful Language Protocol

#3 - Innovative Instruction

Focus on ‘doing’ school differently to engage and empower students in their learning, so all students are excited to return the next day!

#4 - Student Well-Being & Mental Health

Amplify mental health awareness and literacy and protective factors.  Recognize and support resilience.   Provide a circle of support.