Learning Resources

Learning Resources at Aldershot

Students in Grades 9 to 12

Learning Resources is a safe space for all students who need support in school. This could be academic, social/emotional, mental health, assistive technology or just a place to drop in to connect with a teacher or other kids.

We also offer Learning Strategies courses. Students will earn credits that are designed to enhance & support success in all curricular areas. The curriculum is shaped around the individual needs of the students taking the courses

Students will strengthen their executive functioning skills by gaining insights into their own learning strengths and challenges. Providing choice and personalizing the curriculum; students will gain confidence and self advocacy skills to enhance learning and their academic experience at Aldershot and beyond.

Free Executive Functioning Coaching Sessions Self referral form for EF coaching

Our Support Team

Sarah Robertson, Program Lead & Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT)

Darcy Breakey, ELL

Matt Maguire

Gabriela Mattos

Hilary Rivett