Smoking and Vaping Information

Aldershot School - Smoking and Vaping Information

At Aldershot School , we are making every effort to maintain a healthy, smoke and vaping free environment. Please review the following information regarding smoking and/or vaping at Aldershot School:

Any student found vaping and/or smoking on school property may be suspended - including a first incident of smoking and/or vaping on school property. This may also include holding lighted tobacco on school property.

Based on the Smoke Free Ontario Act people are expected to be 20m away from a school when smoking and/or vaping.

What is “school property”?

  • School property ends on the east and south sides of the school at the chain link fence sounding the perimeter of the school.
  • On the west side of the school, the school’s property extends into portions of the ravine.
  • School property also ends at the sidewalk on Fairwood Place on the north side of the school.
  • As school property includes all parking areas, students are not to smoke or hold lighted tobacco and/or vape on parking lots - this includes the interior of cars.

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