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School Council Executive Meeting Dates

Steve Cussons - Chair October 21, 2021

Wali Siddiqui - Treasurer and backup Secretary January 6, 2022

Sylvie MacLean - Secretary March 10, 2022

May 12, 2022

Minutes Aldershot Parent School Council

Thursday, October 21, 2021

7:00 p.m.

Virtual Meeting

Interested in being part of Aldershot Parent Council? Reach out to us at

In Attendance:

Rebecca Newcombe, Principal Mel Reffell

Susan Lamarre (Staff) Alyssa Burkus

Kerry Sagar (Staff) Pamela Weppler

Vanessa Barreto (Staff) Sam Eldiriny

Melissa Hickey (Staff) Benjamin Muatha

Jason Blair (Staff) Tracy Peeters

Steve Cussons Harwant Garland

Denise Sisson Penny Young

Stephanie Juby Parent of Brian White

Lorri Peever Aruna Kumaraswamy

Elizabeth Kurucz Fatima Farooqi

Sylvie MacLean Frankie Tai

Habib Ur Rehman Lorna Hainsworth-Popper

Marcella Chaverri Kate White

Emma Cook (student) Aisla Hylton (student)

Wyatt Hamilton (student)

1. Virtual Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

  • Honouring the Land and Territory: Kerry Sager and Sylvie MacLean: “Halton as we know it….their traditional territory with us.” Delve deeper to learn more about Turtle Island and our responsibilities as treaty people. Identify the impacts of Colonialism, Residential Schools, The Indian Act, and Canada’s history of environmental racism. Model personal connections to the Land and Territory Acknowledgement and encourage your students to do the same.

  • Actions: Assembly Grade 12: Truth & Reconciliation recommendations commitment to:, Sept. 20 Treaty Week: will activities. HDSB multi-year plan Indigenous Education Grade 11 English: Indigenous focus and uplifting perspective. Aldershot has 7 teachers with extra certification for:

Welcome and Introductions: (Steve Cussons, Parent Council Chair)

  • Welcome to all of the new parents and students taking part of our meeting today

2. Student update:

  • Emma Cook: National Day of Reconciliation and the Terry Fox run went well, field hockey finals and other teams are getting back to normal, Clubs are very active. Grade 9-12: Halloween movies in caf, halloween wear contest, candy jar guessing contest, everyone helpful on the council, cafeteria food is good.

  • Aisla Hylton: Equity club planning: Revisiting the equity audit to see if anything has been addressed and still needs to be looked at or changed, event coming up on Dec.10 Human Rights Day. Thinking of doing a conference next semester 2022 to spread a awareness, take action and involve the whole school

3. Teacher Updates:

Ms. Hickey:

  • Well-Being club. The initiative is a clothing drive right now to set-up a walk-in closet in the school, a space in the school that functions like a closet, so that students who might need toiletries, warmer clothing (coats, hats, mits) can go get some without asking. New or gently used is appreciated. Winter Coats * Winter boots * Casual Boots * Shoes * Socks * Long sleeved shirts * Pants * Jeans * Sweaters * Sweatshirts * Jogging Pants * Mittens/Gloves * Hats/Tuques * Scarves Anything warm and cozy! Contact: Other Clubs doing well that : Lion’s Pride, knitting and yearbook

Ms. Barreto (Grades 7-8):

  • things are going well, the Clubs are very popular. Student led Halloween activities: including a movie for the last two periods on Friday, Oct. 29 watched together on individual devices. Prizes for costumes, pumpkin (painting) ect.

  • Volleyball (girls and boys) girls games start next week.

  • Well-being clubs going well

  • Spanish Club 20+ participants; Coding Club is doing well and great collaboration.

All protocols are all followed and it helps that they join in even if in different cohorts.

  • Instruments are ready but holding off for now, the music room is brand new, must make sure we are following protocols: bucket drumming will be starting for now.

Ms. Sager:

  • I-STEM open-house virtual for students coming in 2022/23 co-hosting with Milton, as they are starting Grade 9 in Sept. 2022. The two locations will be called the North and South campus. Note to promote: Join us at the I-STEM Open House on Thursday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. at to learn about the Sept. 2022 application for #HDSB’s regional high school program. Details here: #ISTEMhdsb

  • There will be a virtual I-STEM virtual Open-House for current students in November for presentations from the students: after the Bay Restitution projects.

  • Winter sports list Winter sports are starting: Boys Basketball (Bantam/Jr/Sr), Girls Volleyball (Bantam/Jr/Sr), Girls Hockey, Boys Hockey, Ski/Snowboard, Curling.

  • Downhill Skiing: Mr. Blair: Dry Land Training starts Nov. 1: events/races: Jan., Feb. Mar.

  • Clubs: pretty exciting! For example, DECA, Debating, and United Nations clubs have more than 60 participants for each! Other clubs include: Athletic Council, Arts Council, Chess Club, I-STEM Council, Equity Team, Aldershot Positive Space, LINK Crew, Math Contest Club, Music in the Mornings, Hackathon Club, Well-Being Team, School Repair and Improvement Team, ECO Club/ EcoSchools. Lions Leadership! Student Council, DND Club, Lions Athletics, Yearbook Team, Comm Tech Club, Spanish Club, Choir, Art Club, Coding Club (Gr. 7 & 8), Muslim Student Union, Aldershot Newspaper, and Knitting Circle

Mr. Blair:

  • Applications for participants of the 2022/2023 session are being accepted now. There will be an information night probably in the 2nd week of December 2021. RBG eco studies video: 4 courses in the next semester. I-STEM students can apply.

Ms. Newcombe:

  • Social media successfully taking off Mr. Djurdjevic and Secretary Sara Csordas.

  • Sessions available for Parents if interested. For example: An Executive Functions support information session.

  • Code of Conduct: please find out more about the details here: HDSB Code of Conduct

  • Grade 11 English in 2022-23 will incorporate Aboriginal perspectives

  • Parent/Teacher Night (virtual) - Oct. 28th

  • Grades 9-12 Photo Days - Nov. 15 -16

  • A Future that Fits: Grade 10’s on December 2: a morning class exploration of SHSMs: programs allow students to specialize their education around their chosen field of interest.

5) PIC representative needed: Steve Cussons: need a PIC rep for 2021/2022

  • Update from Sue Lamarre: re: PIC money: Funds in support of parent involvement: $2300.00 shared ideas that board would recommend: welcoming activity, education, guest speakers, internet safety, etc.

  • This is different from PRO Grant: this money has to be used in the year in which it was given. Application process to the Ministry each year. (Aldershot did not spend the funds last year due to the school closures and the pandemic - $500.00 sent back). Steve Cussons will apply for it this year when able to do so.

  • The only other fundraising needed is for the Student Award Grant ($500.00) to be discussed at future meetings.


Remembrance Day: No Stone Left Alone not able again due to Covid, once we can we will continue this tradition. Grade 10 classes are taking the lead, planning the same for the day.

Future Meeting Dates for 2021/2022:

January 6, 2022

March 10, 2022

May 12, 2022

Email Ms. Csordas at for the Google Meet link. Notes are posted here:

9. Closing Remarks:

Minutes Aldershot Parent School Council

Thursday, September 23, 2021

7:00 p.m.

Virtual Meeting

In Attendance:

Rebecca Newcombe, Principal Mel Reffell

Laura Toperczer, Vice Principal Nazish Abbas

Kerry Sagar (Staff) Pamela Weppler

Vanessa Barreto (Staff) Sam Eldiriny

Jean Durr (Staff) Daniel McKeown

Susan Lamarre (Staff) Gennifer Bates

Steve Cussons Harwant Garland

Denise Sisson Irene (parent)

Stephanie Juby Marcela Chaverri

Noeleen Gibbons Sam Eldiriny

Alyssa Burkus TheRye Family

Benjamin Muatha Tracy Peeters

Lorri Peever Ashiana Pater (student)

Sylvie MacLean Wali Siddiqui

Emma Cook (student)

1. Virtual Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

  • Honouring the Land and Territory: Kerry Sager: “Halton as we know it….their traditional territory with us.” Delve deeper to learn more about Turtle Island and our responsibilities as treaty people. Identify the impacts of Colonialism, Residential Schools, The Indian Act, and Canada’s history of environmental racism. Model personal connections to the Land and Territory Acknowledgement and encourage your students to do the same.

  • Rebecca bought the staff Orange shirts for September 30th National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

  • Student Update: Emma Cook (student) talked about all of the clubs that had started, and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and how they are looking into the “Gord Downie / Charlie Wenjack fund: Leave a Legacy of Love. Do something.”

2. Welcome and Introductions: (Steve Cussons, School Council Chair)

  • Welcome to all of the new parents and students taking part of our meeting today

  • The student population at Aldershot is now 1000+!

3. High School Report: Kerry Sagar:

  • Sports are back. Waiting to hear which ones will be competitive. No Football this year, Field hockey, Girls Basketball, Boys Volleyball, Cross Country At present all teams are training and practicing. Today, Halton announced that cross country meets will happen.

  • Many clubs this year! So many students are participating.

I-STEM progress update: (Kerry Sagar):

  • Growing again! October 28, 2021 Parent / Guardian Night New Brochure (Draft) HERE

  • I-STEM: 240 Grade 9’s, doubled the numbers. So knowledgeable and have a great thirst to learn. Grade 9 Program HERE: Rockets, Water restoration with organisms with Rotman School of Business

  • Grade 10’s Grade 10 Program HERE: getting involved in youth philanthropy initiative Grade 11’s (originals) Grade 11& 12 Program HERE: inter-study course Ashiana spoke about: Adobe After Effects skills, and new water filter project.

  • New staff with great summer training

  • Follow us on social media: Instagram and Twitter: @ISTEM_hdsb and (search: I-STEM)

4. School Elementary Report: Vanessa Barreto

  • Rotation and back in school all new!

  • Clubs and sports will start next week. All are excited to participate in activities

  • 1 grade 7 French Immersion, 1 grade 8 French Immersion

5. Administration Reports: Laura Toperczer

  • Working towards school wide ideas and events through grade 7 -12

  • Virtual Open House dates coming soon - allow families to meet teachers and see spaces virtually

Principal’s Report (Rebecca Newcombe) (and maintenance update)

  • Exciting new year! The Four Pillars: #1 - Relationships! Our Re-Launch into 2021 will focus on RELATIONSHIPS and community building in every classroom. Staff will be spending intentional time during September to cultivate positive classroom environments and relationships. #2 - Equity & Inclusion: We need to take ACTION on all forms of hate. Classrooms MUST be responsive and reflect ALL learners.The Way Forward - HDSB Human Rights Equity, Action & Accountability Plan. Discriminatory & Harmful Language Protocol #3 - Innovative Instruction Focus on ‘doing’ school differently to engage and empower students in their learning, so all students are excited to return the next day! #4 - Student Well-Being & Mental Health Amplify mental health awareness and literacy and protective factors. Recognize and support resilience. Provide a circle of support. Significant 72 seconds a month, to continue to build relationships; daily announcements; The Weekly “Roar”: emailed home Fridays

  • Link Crew: CBC Hamilton: help support the grade 9’s: we made the news!

  • Back parking is only for staff please. Parents, students and members of the community are encouraged to park at the front. Also, the community will be asked to refrain from walking their pets during on the property Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm (safety for all)

  • Of note: Student initiative: #lionswear purple, Monday, September 27th to show support for the survivors of the events at Western University

  • Parent FB group: Parents are encouraged to join. Private group so approval from the Admin Vanessa will be required.

  • Principal Newcombe would love our suggestions on how to improve communications: please contact her with your ideas.

  • Online look for:

5. Congratulations to our Voting Members:

Kate White, Tracy Peeters. Stephanie Juby, Melanie Refell, Marcela Chaverri, Denise Sisson

Congratulations to our Executive:

Steve Cussons - Chair

Wali Siddiqui - Treasurer (& back up Secretary) can connect with Sue Bus.Mng. Aldershot

Sylvie Maclean - Secretary

Future Meeting Dates for 2021/2022:

October 21, 2021

January 6, 2022

March 10, 2022

May 12, 2022

6. Student Council: See above in introduction. Student Leadership team (Emma Cook)

7. Fundraising Reports: (Steve Cussons)

  • Fundraising is curtailed due to COVID-19. Might have more opportunities later Example bursary fundraising)

  • Not sure about PIC grant yet - no update

  • Not sure about the breakfast program right now: -with Covid we're doing grab and go snacks in a snack bin in the classrooms. Currently there's applesauce, but will be added to next with additional options.

8. Open Floor:

  • Environmental: garbage around the facility, new receptacles added on the property

  • Eco-program at Aldershot: SHSM only one at Halton: will present at a later time

  • Photo dates: October 6 for grade 7-8 and November date for high school: TBD

  • Drop-offs: email sent out and the parking situation is better. After Thanksgiving, arrows on the pavement and more signage.

  • Marcela Chaverri: asked about the cafeteria and other places to eat: different grades everyday at first but this may change as it is well managed. The cafeteria and library have to be at 50% capacity, so max 150 caf. As long as there is space, students can enter. Once seats are full, this indicates the max. There is monitoring.

  • Bathrooms, 3 at a time requested but this isn’t always followed by students: there are hallway monitors. Boys washrooms continue to have issues. Principal Newcombe encourages the students to tell the parents and have the parents call the school. A reminder that there is a gender-neutral washroom near the office.

  • A request: can the Grade 10’s get some orientation? Will be suggested to LINK crew

9. Closing Remarks:

Next Meeting Date: Scheduled for October 21, 2021 @ 7p.m. Please email Mrs.Csordas at for the Google Meet link