Health & Wellness: Focus on Fitness - CANFIT

What is the Health & Wellness SHSM Program?

As Canada's population ages, the demand for healthcare professionals is increasing. The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Health & Wellness prepares students to pursue occupations in a broad range of health & medical-related fields, including kinesiologist, child care worker, fitness instructor, doctor, nurse, veterinary technician, hospital porter and medical technician are just some of the numerous occupations that the SHSM Health & Wellness program prepares students to pursue.

At Aldershot, we offer the Health & Wellness SHSM: Focus on Fitness (CANFIT) program. Students earn four (4) credits in one semester: Grade 12 Kinesiology (course code PSK4U); Grade 12 Fitness and Leadership (course code PLF4M CPR); and, Industry experience (two co-op credits).

Students have the opportunity to be certified in:

  • Fitness Instructor Specialist in CANFIT Pro

  • Yoga Foundation Certificate

  • Meditation Certificate

  • Foundations of Movement (Pilates focus)

  • Advanced Anatomy and CPR and First Aid

For more information about this SHSM program, please watch the video below, visit the HDSB Pathways website or reach out to the Health and Wellness: Focus on Fitness - CANFIT Program lead teacher Ms. Greenslade -

Dec 2021 New SHSM presentation (1).mp4

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