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Steve Cussons - Chair October 21, 2021

Wali Siddiqui - Treasurer and backup Secretary January 6, 2022

Sylvie MacLean - Secretary March 10, 2022

May 12, 2022

Minutes Aldershot School Council

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

7:00 p.m.

Virtual Meeting

In Attendance:

Rebecca Newcombe, Principal

Laura Toperczer, Vice Principal

Kerry Sagar, Secondary Teacher

Vanessa Barreto, Primary Teacher

Steve Cussons

Denise Sisson

Sylvie MacLean

Noeleen Gibbons

Rick Craven

Leah Reynolds, HDSB Trustee Wards 1 & 2

Students: Ashiana Pater, Elsa Champredon, Isabel Nussbaum, Joshua Sung, Jun Kim, Mackenzie Gaulton, Madeline Ford, Maher Ahmed, Matt Lawford, Razin Saeed, Sarah Pallottini, Beth Dieroff, Sarah Pallotini

1. Virtual Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

  • Acknowledge actions for Indigenous knowledge, not just land occupancy: (Land acknowledgment alone is not enough. Some examples of ways to take action: Support Indigenous organizations by donating your time and/or money. Support Indigenous-led grassroots change movements and campaigns. Encourage others to do so.


2. Welcome and Introductions: (Steve Cussons)

  • Minutes approved for the March 2021 meeting via email.

  • Approved by Denise Sisson and Seconded by Sylvie MacLean

  • Added here:

Administration Reports:

Student Equity team:

  • giving every student a voice, equity audit, who needs more representation? Conducted a survey. Findings, suggestions, how to improve.

  • : Have speakers of all races share their experiences, for example in I-STEM, we’ve had many indigenous elders come and share their different point of views and experiences with us. Actively fight racism and stereotypes, don’t use textbooks and other materials that perpetuate racism and stereotypes. Have more visual queues around our school to promote more representation regarding race so that more people of all groups feel included.

  • : 58 students surveyed. Some do not feel represented. Incorporate more visuals within the school through posters, signs, etc. Adapt activities to increase understanding of different religions and what they believe. Educate our peers on the different aspects of a certain religion or culture. Speak with a supportive teacher. We can assure you that no matter the issue, we will actively fight discrimination against people of faith social/emotional ability.

  • accessibility at Aldershot: Throw in more posters around the school to make sure everyone feels included. Inform the students about social/emotional ability along with physical ability through visuals. Make sure that people of different intellectual ability feel welcome within our school.

  • gender: survey. Need to address to help those who do not feel represented. Create more gender neutral public spaces (e.g. washrooms, locker rooms). Include all genders in sex-ed to educate and normalize non-cisgenders. Condemn/discourage hate speech; focus on education.

  • Sexual Orientation: How our school can do better to represent different sexual orientations: In June for Pride Month. We could include information in the morning announcements. The teachers could also spend a few minutes talking about Pride Month, what it means/represents and why it’s important. Adding more posters around the school about different sexualities which could have little quotes and positive messages on them. A pride flag on the flag pole. Fix the spelling on the sign that says “Aldershot welcomes the LGQB+ Community” to say LGBTQ+ or preferably 2SLGBTQIA+

  • Indigenous Have more First Nations, Metis, and Inuit art around the school. Have information about our Treaty responsibilities and the history and contemporary issues of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis in the curriculum. We would like to hear more from Elders and Knowledge keepers like Steve Paquette and Nancy Rowe.

  • In conclusion, lots has been accomplished, more can be done.

  • Rebecca Newcombe confirmed that there will be more input from teachers on how to help with all this also.

  • If interested in seeing the Student Equity Presentation, please ask Kerry Sager.

Student Leadership team: recap April-June

  • Virtual Art museum was a success! 40 entries from about 21 people, next step gift card draw.

  • Virtual Talent Show was a success! Has been put together and will be posted soon (platform tbd) 16 entries! Next step: gift card draw.

  • Virtual Camp Canfit instructor every Friday, lack of attendance, potential recording, gift card for Erick, please promote to participate, Grade 7 - 12 and parents too! (From Laura T. info will be promoted to all levels, in the newsletter and Google classroom). Will be added also to the Aldershot Parents’ FB page.

  • Highlighted on the Insta Aldershot page:

Charity of the month: Pride Month: Ontario rainbow Health and Sick Kids: promoted to support, leave it up to them to donate, link tree in the bio

  • Online Interactive initiatives: Two truths and a lie about the teachers on Insta, break the wall - get to know them.Teachers are asked if they want to submit a picture and some facts). Future idea: guess the Disney character is.

  • Request from the Student Leadership Team for 1) $50.00 art prize 2) $50.00 for Talent show 3) $50.00 for Erick (CanFit) approved. Rebecca Newcombe and Steve Cussons will look at the accounts and work it out. Details will be worked out for an online send.

Principal’s Report (Rebecca Newcombe) (and maintenance update)

  • White boards installed in all classrooms, and I-THINK and Thinking Classroom training in progress

  • Classrooms room 231: paint with input from students

  • Library: Agile Thinking Space: “work in progress”: create, collaborate, and work on what is going on, bring back the noise video, 3-D printers, podcast booth

  • September: Ms. Robertson: think-tank relaunch, different vibe and feel, focused on well-being and good mental health. “Where are you at” and how can we support you?

  • List of clubs and council will be made available: great list! Will be sent to students/parents.

  • Grad bags and signs: Thanks to Steve Cussons and DigitalEdge Services, a student designed the sign

  • Graduation plan still waiting on Halton Region, in June (TBD) drive-thru celebration: grab bag and picture opportunity.

  • June 24: virtual commencement for Grade 12

Guidance Update (Ms. Zizzo):

  • Available for any questions.

Staff updates High School (Kerry Sagar): Secondary update

  • Equity team: see notes above, the group has been invited to attend a Schools-wide event tomorrow about Equity

  • Asian Heritage in the Board: speaking events and artists with Asian background

Student Council:

  • See above. Student Leadership team

Environmental initiatives

  • We are still waiting to get a grant to help with this.

School Council Elementary Report (Laura Toperczer) and

Staff updates Elementary (Vanessa Barreto)

  • Grade 8 grad June 23rd virtual

  • Orientation day: 8th graders for Grade 9: virtual tour during the day: Date May 19th

  • Trades night this Thursday, June 20

  • Grade 7: Ted Talks keep going and the students will create their own Ted Talk

  • Persuasive writing/debates. Ted Talk by an Elementary student - What adults can learn from kids

  • Grade 8: Critical Inquiry Project-how quality of life around the world is impacted by economies, governments, global trade, population growth and land ownership

  • Wali Shah presentation: Poet and motivational speaker - has delivered TedTalks and has presented in hundreds of school across North America

  • Equity team presented in staff meeting.

  • Continue with adding slides directed to equity (Ramadan)

  • Environmental Racism Assembly - by Aldershot students

  • Halton Women’s Place presentations (Tech in Relationships, and Mirror mirror)

I-STEM Quadmester 3 progress update: (Kerry Sagar):

  • Last projects for Grade 9 Instage Live: pitch ideas to avatars and then give them feedback (through Seneca College)

  • Three more 3-D printers for the school and laser cutters in action also.

4. Fundraising Reports: (Steve Cussons)

  • Fundraising is curtailed due to COVID-19.

  • Pro-grant (Steve and Mina): meeting last week, group of schools support and education. Wellness committee - with other schools: virtual this year - one left now (BAC)

5. PIC (Mehnaz Aydemir)

  • No report tonight.

Leah Reynolds: invited by Aldershot to come and chat with us.

6. Open Floor:

  • Virtual yearbook organized by Grade 12 students.

  • Thank you to all who made this last difficult Covid year amazing even with all the hardships. Biggest thanks go to the Teachers and the Administration Staff for all of their extra efforts and care.

  • We have amazing students at Aldershot!

7. Closing Remarks:

Motion to close this last 2020-2021 meeting, motioned by: Denise Sisson, Seconded by: Sylvie MacLean

Have a great summer!

Next Meeting Date:

The next meeting date is scheduled for September 23 @ 7p.m.

Please email Mrs.Csordas at for the Google Meet link