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Aldershot Student Clubs/Councils - Grade 7-12

Students, please complete the Google Form (using your hdsb account) to express your interest in participating HERE


Teachers Involved/ Lead(s)

Description about the Club/Council (include time commitment)

Athletic Council

Ms. Bower

Group of students helping to facilitate fundraisers & events (Terry Fox, Inside Ride), promote athletics in the school, scorekeepers, Athletic Banquet, etc.

Arts Council

Mr. Uzarowski

Students will be involved with planning Arts related events.

Chess Club

Ms. Riley

Mr. Bennett

Open to all grades. An opportunity to learn how to play and learn strategy. Will meet every Friday at lunch (flexible) for matches. Students need to sign up in advance for the matches. Eventually, if it is popular enough, we will explore tournaments.

All students interested in the Chess Club, please complete this Google Form so we can gather more information, and stay tuned for an announcement on when and where we will be starting up.

I-STEM Council

Ms. Sagar

Mr. Mitchell

Sounding board for I-STEM Students to share about how they would like the program to grow and adapt.

Equity Team

Ms. Sagar

Ms. Barreto

Ms. Lalli

The purpose of the teamis to ensure student voice informs the strategies to eliminate anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, and other forms of discrimination in schools and improve student learning and engagement. Every-one is welcome! We have big plans for September (conferences, events, campaigns, FUN)

Aldershot Positive Space

Ms. Bower

Ms. Hickey

This group of students will continue to promote allyship, raise awareness for and create safe & brave spaces in our school for the LGBTQ+ community


Mr. Sephton

Mr. Maguire

Ms. Sagar

What Link Crew is:

  • Link crew is a program for Gr.9s to get them ready for and give them an amazing high school experience!

  • The link crew is made of Gr.11 and 12 students who mentor and have some fun with the Gr.9s!

  • We have a link orientation on the first day of school so we can get to know our grade nines, and do super cool activities (like a link dance) throughout the year!

Model UN

Ms. Sagar

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This activity takes place at MUN conferences, which is usually organized by a high school or college MUN club. At the end of most conferences, outstanding delegates in each committee are recognized and given an award certificate; the Best Delegate in each committee, however, receives a gavel!

Math Contest Club

Mr. Mitchell

Ms. Gannon

Mrs. Efantis

Love math? Enjoy solving problems under strict time constraints? Have a very sharp #2 pencil? Math Contest Club is for you! Participate in several provincial math contests throughout the school year.

Music in the Mornings

Ms. Newcombe

-play 2 songs from a variety of genres and artists while students are walking into the school

- responsive to days or months of significance

-play various renditions of O’Canada

Hackathon Club

Mr. Mitchell

A Hackathon is a social event where participants are given a challenge that must be completed within a set timeframe. The challenges usually involve building and coding an object that can solve a defined problem. Students in this club will practice the skills of prototyping while designing 3D printed objects to solve mini challenges. If we can, we will participate in various Ontario Wide Hackathon events.

Well-Being Team

Ms. Hickey

Ms. Lalli

This group of staff & students will create and share virtual newsletters, organize activities, and raise awareness for healthy practices of maintaining and improving overall wellness.

School Repair and Improvement Team

Mr. Uzarowski

Students will be involved hands on with projects to improve the appearance of our grounds and building.

ECO Club/ EcoSchools


Eco Club is a student-lead group that provides students, teachers and the community with an opportunity to create a greener future.

Lions Leadership! Student Council

Mrs. Robertson

Kerri-Lynn Paterson

To create a collaborative and cohesive school community where all team/clubs are supported by one another, create a shared calendar and plan events together.

Each team/council is invited to be part of the whole school planning.

DND club

Mr. Maguire

Lions Athletics

Fall Coaching Staff

Girls Basketball:

Mr. Hogan

Ms. Bertola

Ms. Hellmann

Boys Volleyball:

Ms. Mattos

Girls Field Hockey:

Ms. Robertson

Ms. Dermott

Cross Country:

Ms. Greenslade

Ms. Sagar

Fitness / Wellness Club:

Ms. Greenslade

Winter Sports

Team: Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Boys Hockey, Curling

Individual: Swimming, Ski/Snowboard, Badminton

Spring Sports

Team: Rugby, Soccer, Boys Baseball, Girls Softball, Ultimate Frisbee

Individual: Badminton, Tennis, Track & Field

Please Note:

Student athletes MUST submit a fully completed and printed HDSB Interschool Athletics Package 2021-2022 to the Head Coach prior to participating in any try-outs or practices with a team. A student CANNOT participate in any activity if this package is incomplete or not submitted.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to our Athletics Director:

Ms. Bower

Yearbook Team

Ms. Hickey

Mr. Djurdjevic

Ms. Allemano

Mme LeLièvre

Ms. Gannon

The yearbook team has their finger on the pulse of the school. We are responsible for documenting the school year in photographs. We attend as many sports events, assemblies, music events, and pretty much everything we can get to, in order to take pictures that will be included in the school’s yearbook. We need photographers of every skill level and grade!

Comm Tech Club

Mr. Hutton

Students will use comm tech equipment to capture various events around the school.

Spanish Club

Mr. Stuart

Ms. Barreto

Students will be exposed to different Spanish cultures!


Ms. Barreto

Students will engage in choral music of different genres and learn how to work with one another by listening to each other

Art Club

Ms. Confente

Ms. Lalli

Students will engage with various art styles, and explore different artists. They may submit their work to art contests.

Coding Club (Gr. 7 & 8)

Ms. Di Giantomasso

Ms. Lalli

Students will engage with coding using Scratch and move toward Lego robotic challenges.