Tent Cards

The United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals 

We are excited to launch the school wide initiative focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through the monthly deeper dialogue tent cards, each class will receive a dialogue card to bring awareness to, encourage conversation and provoke further inquiry into areas that impact our community locally and globally.

We thank Steve Cussons and Digital Edge Print & Media Services for the provision of the monthly cards for this initiative.

Creating a Deeper dialogue -
UN sustainbale goals

In the month of January Aldershot launched the next in the series of the UN Sustainable Goals ~ Deeper Dialogue cards in every classroom from Grade 7 -12.

Some conversations at school and home may include the following:

Before COVID-19 food security was already on the rise with 25.9 % of the population affected by moderate or severe food insecurity. What are the implications of COVID-19 ? What actions can we take?

Creating a Deeper dialogue -
UN sustainbale goals

February's deeper dialogue focuses on the third United Nations Sustainable Development Goal; ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages. 

Here are a few pieces of information from the UN Report to guide the reflection on the impact on healthy living and well being:

i)The pandemic has interrupted childhood immunization programs in around 70 countries around the world ii) less than half of the global population is covered by essential health services. (2017).