Aldershot Tent Cards

Each month, our tent cards are designed by staff and students with a relevant and responsive view to what's happening in our world tied into the significant days within the month. Tent cards are shared with students across all subject areas with a series of questions that will stimulate dialogue with a wider lens.

Whether the conversations are at school or at home with Aldershot families, we hope they provoke action within students themselves, at their school, out in the Halton community and elsewhere.

(Photos courtesy of CANVA)


Welcome back!


National Day for Truth & Reconciliation




Peace on Earth


Love & Kindness


Today and Every Day




Earth Day


Be Kind to your Mind


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Mental Health Awareness Week is May 2 - 8

The theme for May's tent card is Be Kind to Your Mind, and it's okay to not be okay. Although it is important to have a full week dedicated to speaking openly and honestly about mental health, we believe that this should happen every day. This is the goal of the Wellbeing Team at Aldershot. We strive to have an open dialogue about the realities of mental health concerns for people today, especially students. No one should have to pretend that they are fine, when underneath it all, they are not. Say it out loud. Break the stigma. Trust yourself and trust your community. We are here to support each other.

Taking care of your mental health is the same as taking care of your physical health. There is no stigma around having a cast if you break a bone, so why should there be a stigma around seeking support when you are feeling anxious or depressed?

What can we do as a caring community to break the stigma around mental health?

Being compassionate for those struggling with mental health and wellbeing includes being compassionate to yourself. Have you said something kind to yourself today?