Youth Kitchen is a 6 week program for Gr. 7 and 8 students, supported by
Aldershot School, The Aldershot HUB and St. Matthews Church, and run a
hired chef/nutritionist and trained volunteers. The Youth Kitchen provides a
selected smaller group of students the opportunity to learn about cooking
and manageable meals they can cook themselves.
Youth Kitchen is run offsite, at St. Matthew’s Church on Plains Road.
Students walk over after school to be there for 3pm. After some “chill out”
time with a healthy snack, students then get started on what they will cook
that day. Menus are planned with the students so that they feel interested
and engaged. Students eat together afterward and take home leftoversencouraged
to try out recipes with their families.
We are so thankful for the volunteers from St. Matthews who make this
program possible.