It’s Cool for Parents to be Involved and Volunteer at Aldershot!

Families are an integral part of our whole school community and are part of the team in working toward the success of every student at Aldershot.  

Help us plan Parent/Guardian Engagement by completing our survey found at:

We want to increase parent/guardian engagement with our Aldershot Families and are hoping you might consider one or more of the following ways to become involved.

Volunteer Opportunities * All volunteers must have a valid police check on file at the office.

School Support (please check off areas of interest):

            Library Help                                                                 Tournament Events (after school)

~ displays, shelving, organization                                  ~ various duties depending on      availability    


Student Support                                                          School Events (during the day)

~ supervising small group, student organization,                        ~ supervising groups, support for staff catch up

Guest Speaker                                                            Materials

~ willing to share around career or personal                   ~ preparing materials, odds and ends expertise around a particular school or                                   classroom event                                                                                                

Availability (circle date(s) and time of day

M                     T                      W                     Th                    Fr

AM only            PM only            Either/Or          Outside of the School Day       

            I am interested in representing Elementary parents/guardians on School Council.

            I am interested in volunteering directly with the Breakfast Program at Aldershot.

            I am interested in volunteering at some point, but can’t right now; please keep me informed.


Name:                                                              Phone Number: