Thursday, May 30, 2018

posted May 31, 2018, 5:38 AM by Dianne Kirchner

STUDENT VOTE:  On Wednesday June 6th,  Aldershot will be part of the democratic process and participate in the provincial student vote.  Students will cast their ballots in the front foyer during lunch. Get reading Aldershot,  be ready to make an informed decision for Ontario.

Would the following students please come to the library: Kiley Abra,Emma Lindeman and Jacqueline Zulerons

Girls Softball wrapped up its season yesterday with a competitive game against Hayden.  The Lions were led by a good pitching performance by Emily Rodden and a strong game defensively by middle infielders Michaela Fraser and Leah Ronalds.  Special thanks goes out to Zozan OK for her strong commitment and dedication to the team this season! Could new players on the team please remember to wash and return your jerseys as soon as possible.    

Students interested in considering the “Golf Club” , please see Mrs. Kirchner during 1st break today.