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Hello from YOUR School Council,

One of the most effective and rewarding ways that parents/guardians can get involved in their children's learning is by being active on their school council. School councils are advisory bodies functioning under Ministry of Education Regulation 612/00 and the Board policy. School councils have a legislated role in Ontario schools and are in place to ensure the best possible education for all students. Participating on school council offers you the opportunity to voice your opinions on school issues and decisions on behalf of the students, parents and members in our Aldershot community.

Research shows that parental involvement is the most significant factor contributing to a child's success in school. Parental participation in school activities improves student achievement, increases school attendance and decreases student dropout. Students succeed when parents have a positive attitude about the importance of a good education. By working with the school administration as partners, we can foster greater academic achievement and prepare our students for success as responsible citizens in the community.

Aldershot’s School Council:

1) focuses on student learning and the best interest of all students,
2) provides a forum through which parents and other members of the school community can contribute to improving student achievement and school performance,
3) makes recommendations to the school Administration and the Board on matters that it sees impacting accountability and academic excellence
4) serves as a communication and information channel between the school and community.

At Aldershot School, School Council’s members are active and dedicated.
All parents are welcome at all of the meetings.
Council posts the agendas for the meetings in a timely manner and promptly posts minutes following each meeting so that the Aldershot community can stay informed of what is going on and of what Council is working on. During the 2014-2015 school year, School Council will be meeting at least five times in the school library, starting at 7:00 pm.  Meetings usually run 1 . - 2 hours.  IF you choose to become a member of a sub-committee, you may meet more frequently.  We appreciate your input and energy!

If you would be interested in joining the Aldershot School Council, please come to our first meeting on Tuesday, September 16 at 7:00 pm in the school library or contact me at

School Council looks forward to meeting and working with you.

Judith Genis

You can also find out more general information about School Councils at the following link, which includes access to the School Council Handbook and Ministry School Council Guide:

For even more information, go to the Ministry of Education,
School Councils, A Guide for Members