Archived Announcements

ELEMENTARY Mon Sept 19th

Reminder to all girls that volleyball try outs are tomorrow at first break, see you there !

Aldershot Writers!  You have until September 30th to submit an entry to the library’s September short story writing contest!  Your prize includes an Indigo/Chapter’s gift card.  Come to the library for more details!

Choir meets today at 2nd break.  Bring your lunch and come at the beginning of break.

Junior Band begins at 7 AM tomorrow morning.  All members should arrive in time to be in their seats warming up at 7 AM.  

Grade 7s who are coming to check out Junior Band tomorrow morning are to arrive at the music room at 7 AM.  Please stay in the elementary music room until invited into the rehearsal in the high school music room.

If you have not already given your name to Ms Taylor, please drop down to the music room sometime today to add your name to the list.

Any Grade 7 / 8 boys interested in playing volleyball are asked to sign up to day outside of Mr. Christie’s classroom.

Are you interested in Athletics and Leadership?? If you answered yes then ACE might be for you.  Today will be the first ACE meeting - that’s athletic council elementary.  We will be working to bring intramural sports to our students along with supporting athletics in things like tournaments.  Come on out!  Rm 224 (next to the computer lab)  at 9:50- bring your snack with you!

For those who auditioned for the school play: the cast list will be posted by the end of the day today on the announcements board in front of the office.  If you have been offered a part, you need to be at our first rehearsal in the auditorium on Wednesday.

Hey Aldershot. The first ALD (Acceptance Love and Diversity) Club will be this Thursday during first break.  Come to Mlle Greene’s room (room 231) at the beginning of break and bring your snack.  If you are interested in making Aldershot a positive and accepting place for all then come on out to ALD. Everyone is welcome, see you there.

Fri., Sept. 16


Last chance to get your Student Price Card today in the foyer!



Next Thursday is Academic Awards Night where our top students get honoured at a ceremony in the Auditorium.  Students are asked to check the Honour Society list posted outside the Main Office.  If you had an average over 80% on all of your course last year and if your name does not appear on the list, then notify Mrs. Turner in the Main Office.


REACH for the top! If you are interested in participating in fun, jeopardy style tournaments with other schools, then Reach is for you. There is a sign up sheet outside of room 132. The room with the ballet slippers on the door. There is a grade 9 /10 teams and an 11/12 team. Sign up today for REACH!


Thank you to everyone who came out to audition for our school’s major production.  We got to see a lot of tremendous talent this year.  We are planning to post the cast list by noon on Monday.  The cast list will be posted on the announcements board in front of the office.

If you are eligible for bus transportation, please pick up your sticker from Mrs. Kirchner as well, if you no  longer require bussing, let me know