Aldershot Elementary Information and
Communication Technology
August 2016
Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:
Aldershot Elementary is continuing to build 21 st Century classroom
environments by fostering the skills needed to learn for today and the
future. We aim to broaden students’ access to technology by inviting and encouraging students in our
grade 7 and 8 classes to “Bring I.T.”. This means students are welcome to bring in their personal
technology (e.g., laptops, chromebooks, smartphones, iPads, iPods, eReaders, etc.) to use during class
time for instructional purposes.
In the first few days of school, each class will codevelop
success criteria and norms to facilitate the safe
and respectful use of technology for each learning environment. A copy of the Halton Acceptable Use
Guidelines is available on our HDSB website
The use of electronic devices will be at the discretion of each teacher during class time only. Students
assume all responsibility for the security of their own devices and are expected to have them locked in
their lockers during first breakincluding
smartphones . Students will be permitted to have personal
devices with them during second lunch in the cafeteria. The Halton Board is not responsible for the loss,
damage or theft of any personal equipment brought to school and we encourage users to label or engrave
all devices.
The use of student owned technology is optional. All students will continue to have access to classroom
assigned laptops, our chromebooks, our computer lab as well as other technology in the school. Students
will be encouraged to share devices while conducting research and projects in small groups.
Students will have access to the HDSB network, which will permit them to use the Internet, accessing and Halton Cloud. Students will not be able to print from their personal computers. However,
they can use their school email
and Halton Cloud to access documents and projects.
All students will benefit from greater access to board owned equipment by allowing students who are able,
to bring their own computers from home.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
B. Hudson, Elementary Vice Principal
Please detach and return to your child’s homeroom teacher:
We have read the above and understand the purpose, expectations and risks of bringing personal
electronic devices to school.
Student Signature:_____________________ Parent Signature:_____________________
I give my permission for my child _____________________ in class _____ to bring a personal
electronic device to school for use during class time for instructional purposes.
Parent Signature:_____________________ Phone Number: _________________