Life at Aldershot


Note:  The following activities have traditionally been offered at Aldershot School. The offering of all extra-curricular activities is dependent on staff and community volunteers.  All activities, if offered by a volunteer, must have a staff advisor.  There may be a change in the following contacts for 2016/2017. 
Fall Sports’ Teams (Sept-Nov)

· Cross Country
Junior Girls' Basketball
· Junior Girls’ Field Hockey
· Senior Girls’ Field Hockey
· Junior Boys’ Football 
· Senior Boys’ Football
· Golf Team (co-ed)
· Junior Boys’ Volleyball
· Senior Boys’ Volleyball

Wint)        Winter Sports’ Teams: (Nov-Mar)

· Junior Boys’ Basketball
· Senior Boys’ Basketball
· Boys’ Ice Hockey
· Curling (novice & competitive)
· Swim Team (co-ed)
· Junior Girls’ Volleyball
· Senior Girls’ Volleyball

Late           Late Winter: (Feb-Apr)

· Co-ed Badminton (Junior & Senior)

Sprin   Spring Sports’ Teams: (Apr-May)

· Boys’ Baseball (Varsity)
· Senior Boys’ Rugby
· Junior Boys’ Rugby
· Senior Girls’ Rugby
· Girls’ Slo-Pitch (Varsity)
· Junior Boys’ Soccer
· Senior Boys’ Soccer
· Junior Girls’ Soccer
· Senior Girls’ Soccer
· Girls’ Softball (Varsity)
· Track and Field

Co-Curricular Athletic Contact:
Sarah Robertson
Clubs/Councils etc.

· Aldershot Choir (Taylor)
· Announcement Team  (McQueen/Riley)
· Art Club  (Olenick)
· Audio Visual/Tech./Stage Crew  (Sephton)
· Auto Club  (Richardson)
· E=Mc  (Boelhouwer)
· Eco Studies (Blair)
· Fitness Club  (Sagar)
· Gift of Giving Drive )
· GLOW (Sephton, Ray-Zarate)
· Halton Skills Olympics (White/Richardson)
· Improv. Club  (Sephton)
· Interact  (Greenslade/Maguire)
· Junior Band  (Taylor)
· LINK Crew (Sephton/Maguire)
· Make-Up Crew  (Allega)
· Math/Science Contests (Heeney/Nguyen)
· McMaster Sci. & Engineering Olympics (McQueen)
· Orienteering  (Friesen/Hadala)
· REACH Team (Spencer/Hall) 
· School Musical/Play  (Sephton/Willms/Taylor/Allega/ White/Olenick)
· Senior Concert Band  (Willms)
· Student Athletic Council  (Shields/Baxter)
· Student Council (Riley)
· Student Voice (Baxter)
· Terry Fox Club (Shields)
· White Pine Reading Club (Weber)
· Wood Club (White/Boelhouwer)
· Wrestling (Baxter)
· Yearbook Team/Photography/Year End Video (White)
· Young Blood for Life (Baxter)