French Exchange Grade 10's

Deposit cheques ($400) for the 2017/18 French Exchange are due by the end of this month: May 31st 2017.

It is first-come, first-serve and we have 25 spots total. At last night's parent info meeting, we received 6 cheques so we have 19 spots left.

Right now, we are only offering these spots to our students that are taking gr. 10 French next year (Core or Immersion).

After May 31stif we have any spots left, we will make the French Exchange available to all of our gr. 10s (taking FSL, or not).

Please help spread the word so students know about this amazing opportunity.

This website has all of the info for parents and students.

Additional Deposits and Payments will be available only on School Cash On-Line after September 6th.

Thank you for your help!