Breakfast Program

Our Breakfast Program is really rolling!  We average over 100 students each morning who come to eat breakfast, have a quick snack and connect with friends and our volunteers.  The Breakfast Program is open to and accessed by ALL students.  We encourage students to come out- even to have a smoothie and start the day with a happy parent volunteer.  
We are so appreciative of all the ways our parents and school community have contributed and supported.  Please have a look at ways you can continue to support our students at Aldershot School:

We are currently in need of volunteers to help cook/serve on Mondays and Thursdays.  Be it a weekly commitment, biweekly or even once a month- your time is appreciated!  If you are interested and able, please contact Beth Hudson, Elementary Vice Principal at .

Please see opportunity to donate to our program on School Cash Online.  Any amount is appreciated- and tax receipts can be provided.

       Click on ITEMS (top right hand side)

       Click on MAKE A DONATION (top right hand side/blue)

       Fund Destination has a drop down menu to choose Aldershot

      Message: (optional) please indicate where you would like the money allocated to:

    Breakfast Programserving over 120 students each morning


Aldershot Breakfast Program Online Auction

What an amazing event !!!  The absolute most successful fund raising event EVER !  Thank you to all of you who donated items so all the volunteers who collected all of the items and organized this event (special shout-out to Erin S.)...and to all who made purchases.
We cannot thank you enough !
Dianne Kirchner,
Dec 1, 2017, 7:36 AM