Breakfast Program

Our Breakfast Program is really rolling!  We average over 100 students each morning who come to eat breakfast, have a quick snack and connect with friends and our volunteers.  The Breakfast Program is open to and accessed by ALL students.  We encourage students to come out- even to have a smoothie and start the day with a happy parent volunteer.  
We are so appreciative of all the ways our parents and school community have contributed and supported.  Please have a look at ways you can continue to support our students at Aldershot School:

We are currently in need of volunteers to help cook/serve on Mondays and Thursdays.  Be it a weekly commitment, biweekly or even once a month- your time is appreciated!  If you are interested and able, please contact Beth Hudson, Elementary Vice Principal at .

Please see opportunity to donate to our program on School Cash Online.  Any amount is appreciated- and tax receipts can be provided.

       Click on ITEMS (top right hand side)

       Click on MAKE A DONATION (top right hand side/blue)

       Fund Destination has a drop down menu to choose Aldershot

      Message: (optional) please indicate where you would like the money allocated to:

     Breakfast Programserving over 120 students each morning

Aldershot Breakfast Program Online Auction

We have some amazing items being donated by parents, community members and corporations. All proceeds for the on-line auction will go directly to the Aldershot School Breakfast Program. 
You won't want to miss this event, perfect time to pick up items for Christmas! 

Link to:  to preview items before the bidding starts.

Bidding will not start until Nov 27th
Rules will be simple communicated on the Facebook site. Good luck and please share with local friends and family.
Thank you to Erin Sheehan for coordinating this event.

Thank you all for your continued support and commitment to kids!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Dianne Kirchner,
Dec 1, 2017, 7:36 AM