PLEASE OPEN THE BELOW ATTACHMENT AND COMPLETE THE PERMISSION FORMS IF YOUR STUDENT WILL BE PARTICIPATING IN A SCHOOL SPORT - a student may NOT begin practicing without the completed form and athletic fee paid (see School Cash On-Line to register- Board icon above, on Home Page, under the scrolling message)

Fall Sports: Golf - Mr. Dinobile / Mrs. Kirchner / Ms. Peterson
                     Field Hockey - Mrs. Robertson
                     Volleyball - 
                     Varsity Girls' Basketball- 

Weds Sept 20th, 3:30pm @ CKSS
Fri Sept 22nd, 3:30pm @ ALD
Fri Sept 29th, 3:30pm @ ALD
Mon Oct 2nd, 3:30pm @ ALD
Weds Oct 4, 3:30pm @ MIL
Fri Oct 13, 3:30pm @ OTHS
Mon Oct 16th, 3:30pm @ ALD
Weds Oct 18th, 3:30pm @ LBP
Mon Oct 23, 3:30pm @ ALD

Winter Sports: Curling - listen for announcements - Wednesday's beginning November 1st through January - Mrs. Kirchner / Mrs.                                              McLellan
                          Boys' Hockey - listen for announcements

Dianne Kirchner,
Aug 2, 2017, 10:12 AM